To Start Being Creative, Stop Being So Serious

I own a shark. A Lego shark.

So when I went to visit a Lego store recently, I was surprised to see the exact same shark on display after so many years.

Had they kept the same shark mold all this time? Didn’t they feel the need to change things up? You know, sharpen the fins a little, try a different color, or anything like that.

Apparently not.

At Lego stores, new product lines are frequently added and themes are changed to reflect the newest version of Batman (or whatever is popular at the time).

But the foundation, like the blocks and figures, stay the same. I think that if I were to put a building block from over a decade ago with a block sold today, they would fit together perfectly.

Funny how that works. Some things, like the trends, are constantly changing, but the basics remain timeless.

Speaking of which, I’m reminded of my dentist, who is a big Lego fan. He has two grown children and he still loves collecting Lego sets (for himself, not them).

Some things never change.